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Can I get a job with online degree

The popularity of online degree programs in India has been on growing spontaneously, providing individuals from diverse fields with the flexibility to pursue their desired education from any rural and urban location, all at a fraction of the conventional cost. The convergence of improved internet speeds and more affordable plans has democratized education, extending its reach even to the most remote corners of the country with ease.

Despite this momentum, online degree courses are still in their early stages of development. Doubts concerning their calibre and authenticity persist among the populace. Until fairly recently, these courses lacked validation in India. However, as of 2018, the Indian government granted permission to numerous universities and colleges to offer non-technical programs through this ODL medium. This policy alteration enabled students to enroll in courses of their choosing, excepting fields like medicine and engineering.

Another frequent inquiry related to the Online distance learning (ODL) mode of learning pertains to post-course employment opportunities. Job prospects are a paramount concern for students embarking on online degree journeys. Besides personal enrichment, securing employment remains a key objective for most learners. Hence, students should seek answers to the following queries:

1. Is the degree program affiliated with an accredited institution?

Degrees conferred by accredited colleges hold more sway than those emanating from unaccredited counterparts. Students pursuing job opportunities are better off ignoring degrees from institutions lacking accreditation.

2. What is the duration of the program?

All the offered online programs are based on UGC and DEB and are based on regular courses, a master's degree for two years and a Bachelor's degree for three years. Prospective employers might not view short-term online programs as favourably when comprehensive traditional programs are available from established colleges and universities.

3. Is the Online degree program recognized by potential employers?

Familiarity with a particular degree program by prospective employers increases the likelihood of its graduates being hired. Forward-thinking companies often embrace online education, readily embracing proficient individuals with such credentials.

By methodically addressing the above questions, individuals can ascertain the viability of securing employment through online education. Naturally, candidates must present a gamut of other attributes to employers to be seriously considered for job opportunities.

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