Education Courses MBA
Education Courses MBA
Education Courses MBA

Indian moms are best known for their blunt and straight forward attitude towards their kids.

And it is every Indian daughter and son's unspoken dream to pamper their mother with the best gifts they can afford when they start working.

While a doting son promises his mom similar luxuries, the mom, in an Indian way, demolishes the castle that her son just built in the air.

Ambition without action is Hallucination!

In a world full of ambitions and hallucinations, a friend is the only one who shows you your reality.

In this video, when Ravi talks high about his life, it is his friends who pull him back down to earth and show him the right path to achieving his dreams while mocking him, just as a true friend would do.

Award and recognition, but what about promotion?

You will be awarded and recognised for the work that you do. But when it comes to growing in the career game, each boss and every management will judge you only and only on one aspect.

In this video, Vicky is awarded for his outstanding performance, but his expectations come crashing down on stage when he is asked one question by his boss.

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