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Vivekananda Global University (VGU) is one of the leading Private Universities in India located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. VGU students get ample amount of opportunities to build their professional careers in business management through Online MBA, BBA and computer courses like BCA. VGU has received numerous recognition in the area of Business Management, Technical Education, Research & sustainability. Being just 8 years VGU University and its degree courses has set up thousands of educational benchmarks and reached the first milestone to becoming the fastest-growing educational University in India. When you evaluate the value of Vivekananda Global University online courses where you can consider factors such as Quality of education, reputation and accreditation of the university offering the online courses. When you evaluate the recognised VGU courses, syllabus, learning materials, and assessments with your educational goals the courses are updated regularly to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices which have greatly enhanced the learning experience of students. Here VGU Online courses offer the advantage of flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace and fit your learning around other commitments. Online VGU courses provide you with adequate student support, such as access to online lectures, recorded videos, discussion forums and online visual educational resources. This can greatly enhance your learning experience and help you overcome professional challenges. The VGU online courses provide university degree certificates that hold value in your desired industry or academic pursuits. The VGU recognized Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees can enhance your resume and validate your knowledge and skills. If you think in terms of education, support, certification and affordable course fees, then you can think of VGU Courses!

Accredited with A+ Grade by NAAC

Approved by UGC University Grants Commission

Approved by the All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)

Accredited with A+ Grade by NAAC

Approved by UGC University Grants Commission

Approved by the All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)

Online BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration


E-book features, Self Learning Material, PDF Content, Responsive as one Device & Many Books, Accessible Everywhere, Shareable Content, and Augmented Reality Experience.

Practice Test

A quick way to gauge the learning. This helps you to assess your knowledge and test your readiness for your exam. This Evaluation feature allows you to answer Chapter wise MCQ-based Questions. And after completion of the Test, it displays correct and incorrect selections in the Review option. So it gives you answers too.

Study Guide

A Smarter and Simpler Way to Study. Explained Bullet Notes Of Every Chapter. This helps the student to understand the key knowledge areas of the topic.

Lab environment

This is a coding ground for programming learners. Students can write programming code here and test the programming skills which they have acquired.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum is a means to allow students to learn through collaborative efforts. Every subject would have 12 Open and 1 Graded discussion forum which would be part of the continuous evaluation process. Subject-wise threaded discussions and helping enrolled students to review course material prior to an assignment or exam, engaging students in discussion.

Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos that allows students to actively engage with the content they see within the video itself with online courses. In-built quiz helps the students to test their understanding about the topic.

Web Resources

Links from Open Source articles are videos are provides to the students. This enhances the horizon of the students. Here they can watch videos from various resources. These resources include case studies, articles, reference videos, fact sheets, etc.

Live Interactive Sessions

Well-experienced trainers can take their live interactive online sessions through Learning Management System. For every subject based on the course outcome, there would be one live interactive online session per chapter conducted through the learning management system. The faculty from the university would conduct the said live session and the students would join through the LMS. The students should refer to the calendar for a scheduled live session in their respective LMS. Every Live Session per chapter would be of 1 hour.

Animated / Gamified Module

As part of simulations, animated case studies at the subject level are available for students to learn in a given situation. After understanding the case the students would be able to give a solution which is through a set of questions during the case study module. This helps the learners to perform in a dynamic business environment.

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Admission Open - July 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Vivekananda Global University is NAAC A+ accredited University located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Yes, The online MBA, BBA, and BCA degree courses offered by VGU are approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB), which is the only governing body responsible for approving open and distance learning systems in India under the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Yes, Vivekananda Global University online degree is accepted in India, because an Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree acquired in the online or distance mode of education from a DEB-UGC-recognised University is equivalent to a degree earned through the traditional mode of regular education.

VGU Online MBA can be worth it if you're prioritizing fees, flexibility, affordability, access to innovative digital technologies, diversity, global Job opportunities and Industries recommendations.

Yes Vivekananda Global University is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) India

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