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A Day in the Life of an Online MBA Student: Expectation V/s Reality

February 1st, 2024: 8 mins

This Article Explores:


  • Introduction
  • How is an Online Course Different From a Conventional Course?
  • Bursting the Myths: Expectation vs Reality MBA Online



Looking forward to entering a new career stream or acquiring new skills to be considered for a promotion? An MBA might help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for! In India, the employability among MBA graduates has gone up from 41% in 2021 to 60% in 2023.

What is the best time to pursue an MBA? People usually plan on pursuing an MBA after they have worked for a couple of years, gathered experience, and are eligible to pay the course fee on their own.

However, in this fast-paced world, it may not be possible for learners to opt for brick-and-mortar classrooms. Online mode of education helps solve this problem. Online education transcends the boundaries of geographical location and makes education easy, flexible, and accessible for everyone.

You can now pursue your MBA online, which means you can earn your degree without quitting your job! But is pursuing an online MBA really as it seems? This article highlights what to expect in an MBA program and how pursuing the course online makes it different. 

Read on to understand the expectation vs reality of MBA conducted through online mode.

How is an Online Course Different From a Conventional Course?

You need great discipline and strong determination to complete an online course. If you opt for one, your day will be filled with structured self-study lessons. You will also have to engage in virtual classes and online sessions with professors and other learners. 

However, the experience of pursuing an online MBA may feel like a whirlwind. You will most likely find yourself juggling household work, professional commitments, and online classes. 

“Hello, am I audible? Please give a thumbs-up if you can hear me." This is exactly how some online sessions begin. Finding a place free of distractions may be a challenge. Also, you need to be equipped with a proper device and a strong internet connection to attend classes seamlessly. 

The greater worry plaguing learners is, “Is your online MBA degree going to be recognized in the same manner as a regular MBA degree would?” Yes, they remain at par with traditional degrees as recognized and validated by UGC.

Let us discuss some expectations vs. reality MBA pointers that you are likely to face as a learner in an online MBA course to help you make the right decision!

Bursting the Myths: Expectation vs Reality MBA Online

What do you expect from MBA program that is conducted online? Here are some points that will help you develop your idea of expectation and reality of MBA. 

1. On the amount of effort that needs to be put 

Expectation: Online MBA courses are hassle-free and require minimum effort

Reality: That is actually not the case. Reality of MBA in India is different. Online MBA is better suited for working professionals willing to upskill but cannot afford a break in their careers. 

However, such remote learning facilities are also packed with a curriculum similar to a regular MBA course. You will have to devote the same kind of dedication to finishing the assignments and capstone projects to complete the course and reap its benefits. 

2. On networking opportunities

Expectation: There is limited scope for networking and interaction in an online MBA course

Reality: Again, that’s not true! An online MBA curriculum is taught by expert faculty from leading MBA colleges across the globe. Since the course is conducted remotely, the problem of geographical barriers is eliminated. 

An online MBA program will occasionally allow you to participate in discussion forums, where you will interact with your professors and fellow learners. This helps in fostering networking.

You will get to connect with people who hold expertise in various fields. Networking does not only help you share ideas with your peers and get ideas from leading industry experts but also opens up new opportunities and increases visibility. A significant MBA reality in India is that around 50-60% of job opportunities are established through networking. 

3. On lack of support

Expectation: While pursuing an online MBA, you will most likely be on your own. Your expectation from MBA program conducted online does not include personalized care and individual support. 

Reality: Online MBA courses offer you a robust support system. Alongside your professors and academic advisors addressing your course-related problems, there are technical experts who extend assistance as and when required. 

Not only this, but online course platforms also have a dedicated bench that will assist you with your placement. From designing your CV appropriately to helping you enhance your soft skills, this team of experts will prepare you to ace the interview!

4. On being recognized by employers

Expectation: Since this course is conducted online, you may think of it as something you can pursue in your leisure. You may have second thoughts about employers actually recognizing your online MBA degree. 

Reality: Online MBA courses conducted by online education platforms in collaboration with prominent B-schools are beneficial for your career. The certificate issued to you at the end of the course will add weight to your CV. 

Your online MBA course requires as much effort as a regular MBA course. Although the mode is shifted to online, the course designers have ensured they do not eliminate any essential portion from the curriculum that leaves your knowledge incomplete. There are assignments and capstone projects that enhance your understanding. 

Final Words

An MBA works as a catalyst for every working professional looking forward to a promotion or a change in stream. Have you, too, been thinking of studying for an MBA, but your professional commitments are holding you back? 

With the advent of online education, pursuing an MBA has now become easier than ever before. Hope this article gives you a fair idea about what to expect from an MBA course conducted online. Online MBA courses eliminate the hassle of having to attend classes every day, promote self-paced learning, and reap immense benefits after completing the course. 

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