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From BA to Business: Leveraging an Arts Degree in the Corporate World

February 20th, 2024: 5 mins

This Article Explores:

  • Introduction
  • Skills of Arts Graduates in Business: Basic soft skills required
  • Leveraging BA in the Corporate World: Job roles to look for
    • Copywriting or Content Writing
    • Social Media Management
    • Brand Management
    • Event Planning
  • Arts Degree in Business: How does it work? 
  • The Bottom Line

The corporate world of white-collared jobs is often known for its tremendous performance pressure, heightened work politics, and focus on delivering perfection. Recently, this wave has changed and given way to creativity, often employing artists for various job roles. Corporations are now involving actors and directors to be the company’s face!


From collaborations with social media influencers to employing a content manager in the company itself, the corporate world finally recognizes the invaluable role innovative minds play in any organization. Did you know that according to a report, 1 in every 4 people is creative, contributing their work towards videography, photography, content writing, blog writing, and so on?


Now, the corporate training modules mandate learning various soft skills, the most important of those being creative thinking and analytical skills. Be it a corporate giant like Deloitte or other private business ventures like TCS, all have emphasized developing a creative organization with customer-centric experiences. 


In this blog, you will learn how to transition from arts to business, the required skills of art graduates in business, handsome paying job profiles, and much more!

Skills of Arts Graduates in Business: Basic Soft Skills Required 

Before understanding the job scope, you should know the basic requirements for arts graduates in the business world. Here are some of the key skills you must inherit to make a successful BA-to-business transition:


  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Research ability
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • High ethical standards

Leveraging BA in the Corporate World: Job Roles to Look for

Leveraging BA in the Corporate World: Job Roles to Look for

An arts degree is a versatile foundation that can open multiple career avenues, and yes, in the corporate world, too! Here are the top business careers for BA graduates:

Copywriting or Content Writing

Being a content writer or a copywriter you will write across various niches for your company, blogs, web pages, advertisements, and so on. As a versatile content writer, you can have any background degree, be in an English course, any other language course, or even core art subjects like History, Geography, Psychology, etc.


It is a skill-based industry, and the skills demanded vary across companies. The most common soft skills required for this role include creativity, communication, adaptability, and time management.

Social Media Management

Do you love spending time scrolling reels or watching Facebook videos? So, if your knack is social media, you can make a career out of it by joining the corporate sector as a social media manager. Your educational background can be from any field, from a core art subject to any other allied stream.


As a social media manager, you will have to curate unique social media strategies to enhance brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty. You’d also have to analyze performance metrics, oversee trends, and cover the planning gaps.

Brand Management

Another job profile for someone looking to utilize their arts degree in business is brand management. As a brand manager, your work would be designing strategies to build and maintain brand equity. You would be overseeing a brand’s identity in the market. 


The arts degree here becomes helpful in understanding how visual communication works. It will also help you shape a brand’s perception and audience connectivity, enabling brands to strengthen their relationship with the target audience.

Event Planning

If you’re a person who likes to keep things organized, would take charge of things voluntarily, and loves to play host, then event planning is your career option. Leverage your BA degree in the MNCs by planning an event, whether it’s a conference, product launch, or seminar.


While your BA degree here makes you creative in planning, your organizational skills are handy when negotiating with vendors or ensuring things run smoothly.

Arts Degree in Business: How Does It Work?

Adapting arts education to business roles requires a lot of courage and bravado. So, before you transition towards the corporate world, learn how you can contribute to the field.


  • Bringing in creativity: Artistic people can think out-of-the-box in the corporate world, often providing smart solutions to heavy problems. The term is synonymous with innovation, a coveted skill in the MNCs.


  • Better visualization: A single problem can have multiple outcomes, and this visualization often comes better to an artist. Thus, in the business world, you can offer a unique problem-solving ability.


  • Enhanced soft skills: In the corporate world, soft skills are in demand, much like hard, technical skills. Communication, modest work ethics, and critical thinking are a few of the many soft skills that come naturally to an artist and can further help any creative to persevere through the hustle and bustle of corporate.


  • Better criticism: Providing objective criticism is a natural skill for an art student, which is required to scrutinize an end product. Critical feedback is a much-needed aspect in the corporate world as it helps navigate the pros and cons of a business strategy, avoiding any potential risk.

The Bottom Line

Top CEOs state creativity to be one of the most critical leadership qualities-- now imagine stepping into corporate roles with a specialized BA degree in your hand. Undoubtedly, individuals with technical skills are still at the forefront of claiming corporate roles, however, creative minds are usually at the core of new-age innovations. With ample experience, the right set of skills, and the will to learn more, creatives can bag myriads of opportunities within the corporate realm. 

The best way to keep yourself aligned with strategies for arts graduates in business is upskilling with courses offering in-demand skills. Explore BA courses for interested learners with upGrad Disha and grab an opportunity to bag lucrative opportunities at top MNCs!