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B.Com vs BBA: Choosing the Right Program for You - Candidate Profile, Future Prospects, and Curriculum

February 1st, 2024: 10 mins

This Article Explores:


  • Introduction
  • What is B.Com
  • What is BBA?
  • BBA vs B.Com: Which One is Better?
  • Scope for Higher Education
  • Job Opportunities After Completing B.Com & BBA
  • B.Com vs BBA: Which is Tough?
  • Online B.Com vs Online BBA



Have you been weighing your career options to decide which is the right path for you? Debating whether you should pursue a B.Com or a BBA degree? 


Both the courses are related to the field of commerce and business, but they do have significant differences between them. Choosing the one that fits you best is an important decision to make. 


The demand for business and administration-specific education has significantly increased in the past few years. In every sector today, business and commerce graduates are working in essential job roles. 


B.Com and BBA are among the most common choices for high school commerce graduates. B.Com helps us understand the concepts of economics, commerce, and finance, while BBA focuses on business administration and management. 


Several famous personalities have pursued either a B.Com or a BBA degree. Have you heard about Gulshan Grover? Famously known as the ‘bad man’ of Bollywood, he has a degree in B.Com!


Join us as we compare the two courses, B.Com vs BBA, so that you can make a more informed decision. 

What is B.Com?

Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com is an undergraduate degree focusing on the conceptual understanding of business, commerce, finance, and accounting. This three-year program is divided into six semesters. 


This is a popularly pursued field among commerce school graduates. Wondering why? Well, a study showed that the employability of B.Com graduates was around 60% in 2023, a significant increase from 2022. This course has been designed to enhance the analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills of commerce students. 


You can choose to pursue any one of the B.Com specializations. Some of them are:


  • Banking and insurance 
  • Accounting and finance 
  • Taxation 
  • Economics 
  • Marketing 
  • Human resource management 
  • International Business 

What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is also an undergraduate program designed for students to gain fundamental knowledge about the core business concepts and their applications in the real world. 


This three-year-long course allows students to enter the field of management by teaching them necessary skills such as operational, marketing, and managerial skills. 


As a student, you must decide which career path you want to choose on completion of your degree. Depending on that, you can choose from any one of the specializations listed below:


  • Travel and tourism management 
  • Banking and finance management 
  • Hospitality and hotel management 
  • International Business 
  • Business Analytics 

BBA vs B.Com: Which One is Better?

Are you wondering whether you should choose B.Com or BBA? The table given below can help you make a choice. 






Teaches how a business should be managed. 

Teaches accounting and business subjects. 

Who is it for?

Individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship and management. 

Students interested in finance. 

Teaching methodology 

Theoretical and practical 


Jobs offered in 

HR, Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc. 

Auditing, Accounting, Analysis, etc. 

Scope for higher education

Most UG courses are designed to serve as a foundation for PG courses. Here, we will discuss the BBA scope vs B.Com scope of higher education. 

Higher Education after BBA

Pursuing a bachelor's degree in BBA helps set the foundation for an MBA. Apart from an MBA, you can follow some of the academic paths listed below:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Banking 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management 
  • Masters in Finance Management 
  • Masters in Management Studies
  • Master in Commerce 

Higher Education after B.Com 

B.Com sets the foundation for an M.Com PG degree. However, some of the other academic paths that you can choose to opt for are:

  • Masters of Business Administration 
  • Cost and Management Accounting 
  • Chartered Accountancy 

Job Opportunities After Completing B.Com & BBA 

Both BBA and B.Com offer a plethora of job opportunities upon completion. The table below draws a comparison of the jobs and the salaries offered. 


Jobs after completion of B.Com 



INR 2,80,000

Executive Accountant 

INR 2,20,000

Team Lead

INR 6,10,000

Business Analyst 

INR 3,40,000

Tax Consultant 

INR 6,80,000

Financial Analyst 

INR 5,70,000

Accounts Manager 

INR 8,60,000


Jobs after completion of BBA


HR Executive 

INR 3,30,000

Marketing Executive 

INR 3,20,000

Sales Executive 

INR 3,00,000

Financial Advisor 

INR 4,50,000

Public Relations Manager 

INR 7,00,000

Marketing Manager

INR 12,00,000

B.Com vs BBA: Which is Tough?

If you are wondering which one is easier for you, BBA or B.Com, the answer depends entirely on you. Here are some factors which will help you understand which will be easier for you:


  • If you are good at mathematics and solving high-value numbers, then B.Com might be easier for you. 
  • BBA is a theory-based subject in general. Hence, this subject is ideal for you if you are confident in theory-based subjects. 

Online B.Com vs Online BBA

If you are unable to pursue a traditional B.Com or BBA degree, you can always choose to opt for an online course. There are a number of credible online B.Com and BBA options available. Pursuing an online degree comes with many advantages, some of which are:


  • You can learn at your own pace. 
  • If you are a working professional, you won’t have to quit your job. 
  • Online courses are generally more cost-effective. 
  • You can obtain your degree from an institute far from you without relocating or commuting. 
  • Online B.Com and BBA can be extended up to 6 years, allowing you to finish the course on your own time. 

Summing up 

Commerce graduates are needed in almost every field in today’s world. Both the courses offer you some great career choices. Choosing between BCom honours vs BBA is a decision that you have to make for yourself depending on your skills, aptitude, and inclination. 

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