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Career Roadmap After Pursuing Online MCom Degree

June 3rd, 2024: 9 mins

Wondering what to do after completing your MCom online? Are you bewildered by the various choices put in front of you after pursuing this degree? Worry not! This blog will help you untangle your doubts and guide you on your journey post-course completion.


Did you know by 2021, more than 52% of students have enrolled in online degrees rather than going offline? According to the AISHE survey, more than 7% of students are pursuing online degrees to avoid commute and other issues. 


Higher education has expanded beyond the traditional classrooms in today's changing online environment. The advent of online education has brought to the fore exciting options among those looking for a transformative path to academic excellence. Pursuing an online Master of Commerce (MCom) degree is one way for finance enthusiasts to achieve that. 


MCom online allows you to juggle academic pursuits with other responsibilities. With a solid foundation in finance and management, you can expand your career in multiple fields. 


Let's explore these intriguing career paths in-depth to discover ways you can effectively navigate your post-MCom journey. 


Keep reading as we continue on this academic and career voyage together. 

Career Options After MCom 

 After finishing your online MCom course, doing an MBA is the first thought that comes to your mind. 


An MBA programme is an extravagant graduate-level educational programme designed to provide learners with extensive business expertise and managerial abilities. It often involves management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, preparing students for professional growth and leadership roles in the business sector.


Average Annual Salary for MBA Graduates: INR 4 LPA

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Programme 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification is a globally recognised professional accounting credential. It provides comprehensive financial management, auditing, and tax training, allowing learners to pursue careers as Chartered Accountants. ACCA prepares people for a lucrative profession in finance and accounting by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge. An MCom online prepares you to embark on this thrilling journey. 


Average Annual Salary for ACC Graduates: INR 9.5 LPA

  • CMA Credentials 

CMA (Certified Management Accountant) credentials denote noteworthy managerial accounting and business planning expertise. The CMA credential, awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants, certifies accounting, analytical, and decision support skills, boosting job options in corporate finance and management accounting once you finish your online MCom course .


Average Annual Salary for CMA Certified Graduates: INR 6.0 LPA

  • CFA Programme 

If you’re looking for jobs after MCom, doing a CFA programme could be a great next step for your career. 


The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) programme is a strenuous and internationally recognised professional certification. It provides finance professionals with a thorough understanding of portfolio management, ethics, and fiscal analysis. The CFA programme is proof of your experience in the sector, boosting job opportunities in investment and financial management.


Average Annual Salary for CFA Graduates: INR 4.0 LPA

  • FRM Certified Professional 

A FRM Certified Professional is a prominent financial risk management expert who passed the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) demanding certification programme. This certificate denotes advanced knowledge in evaluating and handling fiscal hazards in the global economy. There are many disciplines in this course that you’ve already covered during your MCom online course that would make the course feasible for you. 


Average Annual Salary for FRM Certified Graduates: INR 3.6 LPA

  • CPA License 

A CPA licence, short for Certified Public Accountant licence, is a professional certification awarded to those who have satisfied rigorous educational and professional criteria and passed a demanding exam. This licence allows individuals to carry out accounting, auditing, and advisory services while also maintaining competency and integrity in their chosen field.


Average Annual Salary for CPA Licensed Graduates: INR 6.8 LPA

  • Digital Marketing 

Are you looking to switch careers after completing MCom online? If you are no longer interested in working with numbers, digital marketing can be your best bet. Digital marketing is one of the most inventive fields accessible after MCom online


Various courses are available for those interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing. These courses include search engine optimisation, social media management, and marketing data analysis.


Average Annual Salary for Digital Marketing Graduates: INR 5.8 LPA

  • CIB Certification 

The Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB) is a six-month curriculum that trains learners for careers in corporate finance. The valuation assessment is a well-known process that strives to evaluate the fair worth of both publicly listed and unlisted enterprises. It is an important component of every investor's decision-making process.


Although you can start the course immediately after receiving your BCom, an MCom online degree will help you understand each programme component. Aside from investing in businesses, the programme includes plenty of other financial tools and methods.


Average Annual Salary for CIB Certified Graduates: INR 4.0 LPA

  • CFP Exam 

The CFP Exam, or Certified Financial Professional Exam, is a stringent test that evaluates applicants' financial planning knowledge. It includes investment strategy, tax preparation, retirement savings, and estate administration sections. Passing this test is a milestone for anyone striving for a career in financial management since it validates their knowledge of the industry.


Average Annual Salary for CFP Certified Graduates: INR 5.7 LPA

  • Company Secretary Programme

The Company Secretary Programme is a structured curriculum that teaches finance aspirants about corporate governance, legal observance, and business administration. It provides learners with the information and skill sets required to effectively carry out the function of a company secretary, ensuring that firms comply with regulatory requirements and run efficiently.


Average Annual Salary for Company Secretary Graduates: INR 6.0 LPA


Pursuing an MCom degree online gives you plenty of prospects in accounting, finance, and business. Graduates who possess sophisticated knowledge and flexibility can pursue a variety of job routes, from financial evaluation to managerial responsibilities, and accomplish their professional goals while managing life's obligations. 

However, if you're looking for MCom jobs or online education programmes to advance your career further, upGrad Disha can be an excellent guiding figure to help you navigate through this complicated yet dynamic journey.


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