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Unlock Career Growth with Online MBA Degrees

February 19th, 2024: 8 mins

Are you stuck in the same job profile year after year? Have you become stagnant in your professional life? If the answer is yes, do not worry. You are not alone in such a situation. 


Professionals try myriad ways to give their careers a much-needed boost. One of the most common ways is to pursue an MBA course. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to launch your career or an experienced professional looking for better career growth, you cannot overlook the benefits of doing MBA


Taking up a regular MBA course might not be feasible if you are a working professional. This is where an online MBA course comes to your rescue. There are innumerable benefits of online MBA for millennials, not only for professional growth but financial success as well. 


There has been a steady increase in the number of students enrolling for online MBA courses over the years for the many benefits of MBA online. Did you know that more than 70% of recruiters and employers consider online business degrees better than traditional programs? 


Let us understand the benefits of MBA degree online and how this course helps in unlocking future career growth opportunities. 

Benefits of Online MBA: How It Helps Improve Career Prospects 

Let’s explore how an online MBA degree helps improve career prospects and opens up doors for better opportunities!

  • Helps in leadership development

You ought to have solid leadership skills when aspiring to reach a certain professional level. Employers look for this skill set at all levels. Among the most prominent benefits of MBA courses online are comprehensive insights into decision-making processes, management techniques and organisational behaviours. 


These skills form the foundation for leadership development and acumen. It is a preparatory lesson for top-level roles in an organisation. Professionals with strong leadership skills often make a smooth ride to top-management-level roles, which is what an online degree often intends to nurture in its candidate. 

  • Provides you with an enhanced skill set 

Have you ever wondered why most job aspirants seek an online MBA degree? The plain and simple reason is that this course helps develop a well-rounded skill set, making you a valuable asset to any business organisation. 


Let us explain this lucidly. MBA curriculum - both online and offline- includes many subjects like operations, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, strategy, etc. When you master these subjects, you can apply the gained knowledge across various functional areas and industries. 


From Bill Gates to Mukesh Ambani, all have leveraged the prowess of the skills provided by distance education and online programs. 

  • Opens up access to exclusive and lucrative job opportunities

Are you seeking recruitment for senior-level posts in an organisation? Have you been targeting specialised and prestigious job roles in organisations? One of the major benefits of online MBA for millennials is that it opens up access to highly lucrative job opportunities. 


Many companies seek MBA professionals to fill senior-level positions in their organisations. The compensation packages for such job roles are also lucrative. 

  • Boosts credibility significantly

Grabbing the eyeballs of employers is quite challenging until you have something interesting and unique in your resume. With the mention of an online MBA degree from a reputed institution, the employer automatically gives additional weightage to your candidature. 


In its recent announcement, UGC claimed to consider all online degrees and distance courses equivalent to traditional degrees. In light of this situation, an online MBA degree can reflect your dedication towards professional growth, your urge for continuous learning and your acumen and credibility in handling crucial and complicated business challenges. 


Still undecided about the efficacy of an online MBA? Don’t believe us? Check out what these successful personalities have to say about online MBA degrees.


Deep Kalra, the founder of MakeMyTrip and an IIMA alumnus, said, “...more online education and professional courses are available on different forums. People have started weighing the benefits of doing such a course while working”. 


Mayank Kumar, upGrad’s Co-founder and Managing Director, says that previously, corporates did not provide equal value and weightage to online MBAs. “But in the last two years, all MBA grads were online grads, and corporations have now understood that online MBAs can have the same efficacy level as an offline MBA”.  

  • Helps in network expansion

One of the main benefits of executive MBA online is that it helps expand your network and contacts. You have the opportunity to connect and interact with multiple groups and professionals from a plethora of industries and backgrounds. 


Such online programmes provide access to building robust networks of industry experts, like-minded peers and mentors. The formation of this support system helps in getting referrals, attractive job offers and partnership scopes. 

Wrapping Up

Are you still in doubt about what are the benefit of online MBA? Do not make haste. Take your time and understand the benefits of MBA degree to a company and yourself as a professional. You will clearly understand how taking an online MBA course will greatly change your professional life. 


Prestigious job profiles, lucrative pay packages and the opportunity to accelerate your professional career are just some of the perks. With the right guidance, you can unlock a myriad of opportunities. 

upGrad Disha enables you to encash such opportunities, extending guidance from industry leaders and upskilling pathways to continue navigating the right path towards success!