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Seven Convincing Reasons to Opt for Degree Programs from Renowned Colleges

February 1st, 2024: 7 mins

This Article Explores:


  • Introduction
  • Brand Value Matters
  • Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Renowned Colleges


After you graduate high school, the daunting task of finding the best college where you can pursue your graduation begins. College education helps you carve a strong and stable foundation and prepares you to stay ahead of your competitors in your professional journey. 

However, Steve Jobs once said, "... I naively chose a college that was almost as expensive as Stanford, and all of my working-class parents’ savings were being spent on my college tuition. After six months, I couldn’t see the value in it. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out." 

This quotation by the renowned late CEO of Apple makes us wonder, "Does the college you go to matter for jobs?" What is the fuss about checking the ranking of colleges before applying?

This blog will help you decide whether choosing a good college really enhances your visibility as a potential employee and pitches you as an extraordinary addition to an organisation. Stick through till the end of the article. 

Brand Value Matters 

A good institution will instil in you the good values that have passed down the generations of alumni. If you have studied in a good college, chances are that you have had the opportunity to learn from the best faculty, which automatically gives you an edge over others. 

Let us look at this from a professional point of view. Don't you think it is obvious that a candidate from a top college will be chosen over a candidate from an average college, considering the assumption that they might be equipped with better skills and knowledge? 

India's hiring intent rate has almost doubled to 36% in 2023 from 19% in 2021. Understanding why is college important is crucial to taking the right step towards a successful career. Learn how a degree from a renowned institution will usher in a field of new opportunities for you and shape your career. 

Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Opt For Renowned Colleges

Although what matters the most in assessing a student is the amount of expertise he has acquired from pursuing a course, recruiters sometimes go by brand value. Coming from reputed institutions will automatically earn you a good impression, not only among recruiters but also the public in general. 

This section discusses the seven most convincing reasons that will get you hunting for the most renowned colleges to pursue your degree. Have a look to know the reasons that will answer your question “Does the college you go to matter?

1. A Degree from a Renowned College Adds Weight to Your CV 

Coming from a reputed institution adds considerable weight to your CV. A recruiter spends roughly 6 seconds to scan through a CV to see if a candidate meets the basic requirements to be eligible for a job. The mention of a renowned institution is sure to attract immediate attention. 

Recruiters sometimes identify educational institutions as brands. Coming from a prestigious institution earns you a preferable position in the eyes of the recruiters and increases your chances of being hired. 

2. Robust Attitude and Great Values 

Your college name is not only an integral part of your resume; there is a lot more to it. Colleges offer us more than mere degrees. The attitudes and values we inherit from our educational institutions help shape our personalities. 

Renowned colleges make it a point to pass down their values to their students. Not only this, but the very fact that you are studying in a renowned college makes you feel like you are part of a community and gives you confidence.  

3. Better Networking and Improved Visibility 

Colleges offering professional courses often conduct events where they invite leading industry experts as external faculty or guest lecturers. Some seminars also allow students to share their views. This helps learners enhance their chances of getting noticed while also broadening their network. 

4. Trained by Experienced Faculty

Needless to say, a renowned college will always hire the best faculty to impart knowledge to the learners. If you study in a renowned college, you will be taught by professionals who are experts in the given field, which will equip you with the best knowledge and prepare you to excel in the field. 

5. Renowned Institutions Ensure Holistic Development of Learners 

Colleges are certified "The Best" because of the facilities they offer to the learners.

It is more likely that a student pursuing an undergraduate course online has no idea how to present himself in an interview, like how to greet the panel of interviewers, the right posture to sit, or where to keep the hands when answering questions. 

Renowned institutions offer pre-placement support. Here, you learn everything from how to build a convincing resume that will highlight your skills to how to deliver your answers confidently. 

6. Better Chances of Employment 

Renowned colleges offering professional courses with placement opportunities usually bring the best companies for students to be placed in. Therefore, if you pursue your degree from a prestigious institution, you are more likely to land in a top-tier company with a decent package. 

7. Paves the Way for You to Pursue Higher Education in Great Colleges 

Once you get the hang of studying in renowned colleges, the streak continues. If you pursue your graduation from a prestigious institution, you will be given preference in other renowned institutions too, when you apply for higher education. 


Colleges shape you both personally as well as professionally. Alongside the skills you offer to your recruiters, the institution you come from also plays a key role in determining your chances of recruitment. 

The next time you wonder, “Does it matter what college you go to?” take a quick recap of these seven points, and you will have your answer. If you are looking for the best colleges where you can get yourself enrolled, you can seek advice from professional guides at upGrad Disha.