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Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your MBA Experience and Career

February 1st, 2024: 5 mins

This Article Explores: 

  • Introduction
  • AI in Marketing: Content Creation and Optimization
  • Chatbots in Marketing
  • The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Have you ever wondered how emerging digital marketing trends can redefine your online MBA experience? What trends are steering the course of digital marketing, and how can you leverage them to gain a competitive edge? Join us as we explore this dynamic intersection of digital marketing and MBA education.


Did you know that 55% of marketing is digital?


In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for marketing jobs is likely to increase by 10% by the end of 2026. 


Digital marketing trends are continuously evolving, and before you even realize it, a new trend is already on the way. 


Being a marketer in this fast-paced world means that you need to be aware of all the emerging digital marketing trends so that you can maximize the results and stay ahead of the competition.


With that in mind, buckle up as we unravel the exciting digital marketing trends that will not only spice up your online MBA experience but also propel your career to new heights. 


AI In Marketing: Content Creation and Optimization


“You have to have a dependency on AI to turn the data into insights at the speed it needs to turn so you can make decisions and activate in near-real time.”- Kirk McDonald.


As marketers navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, AI emerges as the beacon, guiding strategies, automating processes, and unlocking unprecedented insights. 


With machine learning algorithms, marketing professionals can now analyze vast datasets to understand individual preferences and behaviors. From tailored product recommendations to personalized email campaigns, AI ensures that every interaction carries the ability to create deeper connections with the audience. 


In addition, AI has also played quite a transformative role in content creation and optimization. From generating compelling ad copy to creating visual content, AI tools like natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition are reshaping the traditional ways of content creation. 


This heavy dependency on AI for digital marketing efforts is likely to increase in the future as well, with an anticipated growth of $190.61 billion by 2025.


Chatbots in Marketing

According to a recent report, chatbots have brought a 67% increase in sales. Furthermore, in the year 2022 alone, 88% of users had interacted with at least one chatbot. 


Gone are the days when you had to wait for multiple hours for customer support. Chatbots bring the magic of instant assistance, responding to queries, troubleshooting issues, and guiding users through solutions- anytime, anywhere. This seamless and immediate support helps to enhance customer support and builds trust in the brand’s commitment to customer care. 


Whether on a website or a messaging app, chatbots can streamline all interactions, making brands available 24*7. 


The Rise of Influencer Marketing


“An influencer promoting and amplifying your message, your brand, to their audience means credibility. It means additional reach, and it means you get an outsized modifier to the conversion process.” - Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz.


In the digital world bombarded with ads, consumers crave authenticity. This is where influencer marketing comes into play. Influencers add that much-needed human touch to brand promotions, fostering a sense of trust and connection that traditional advertising fails to achieve.


In 2023 alone, the market value of global influencer marketing is estimated at $21.1 billion and is likely to increase manifold in the coming years as well.


Audiences perceive influencers as trusted advisors, akin to friends sharing recommendations. When they endorse products or services, it carries the weight of personal recommendations, influencing followers’ purchasing decisions and brand preferences. 


These e-commerce marketing trends shaping your online MBA journey are more than just tools; they are the secret keys to unlocking a career of endless possibilities. AI integration, chatbots, and virtual influencers are some of the many trends that carry the potential to truly empower the future of digital marketing. As you ride in the digital wave, remember that the journey is just as thrilling as the destination. 


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