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Online BBA Graduates’ Guide to Landing Your First HR Job

February 5th, 2024: 5 mins

This Article Explores:

  • Introduction
  • What is BBA in HRM?
  • Top HR Jobs for Online BBA Graduates
    • HR Manager
    • HR Analyst
    • Compensation and Benefits Manager
    • Talent Acquisition Director
  • Skills Necessary for HR Professionals

Are you a BBA aspirant who wants to make a career in HR? Well, that’s a smart choice. The BBA curriculum helps in building a profound understanding of topics such as marketing, HR, finance, and the fundamentals of business. An online BBA program in HR can serve as a testimony to your ability to explore multifaceted corporate job roles in the realm of human resources. 


The demand for HR specialists keeps increasing every year. The U.S. News ranked HR specialists number 16 among the top business jobs of 2024. BBA graduates have a comprehensive and versatile knowledge base which allows them to explore various HR roles. 


Pursuing a career in HR promises stability in your career since every company across the globe has a constant need for hiring, retaining, and training employees. Even though the advancement of technology and AI has automated some tasks, most HR duties need interpersonal abilities that only humans can offer. 


Join us as we explore the various HR roles that you can work in and also discuss job search strategies for BBA graduates to help you land your dream HR job. 

What is BBA in HRM? 

Do you want to make a career in HR? Then BBA in human resource management might be the ideal course for you! It is a three-year undergraduate program that combines the study of management techniques with specialized training in people and human resource management. 


This course will offer you fundamental training in managing and handling human resources. It covers topics such as training and development, performance analysis, workforce planning, etc. The goal of this course is to build graduates who can apply conceptual principles and tools to create a healthy work environment and solve any organizational issues.  

Top HR jobs for Online BBA graduates 

You can choose from several job roles in the HR department. Here, we have listed some of the best HR jobs you can choose. 

  1. HR manager 

These professionals are responsible for overseeing the administrative tasks of a company. HR managers plan, coordinate, and direct functions such as recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees. They serve as a link between the management of organizations and the employees. 


The average salary of HR managers in India is INR 10.7 LPA


  1. HR analyst 

HR analysts play a crucial role in gathering, organizing, and scrutinizing HR data, contributing to the optimization of processes and informed decision-making through data analysis. These entry-level HR positions deal with information such as employee performance, salary, and the number of employees.


The average salary of an HR analyst in India is INR 5.4 LPA.


  1. Compensation and Benefits Manager 

It is the responsibility of these managers to ensure accurate and fair compensation is offered to the employees, including bonuses, regular salaries, pensions, stock options, etc. As a compensation and benefits manager, it is your responsibility to oversee employee pay satisfaction as a metric. 


The average salary of a compensation and benefits manager in India is INR 19.8 LPA.


  1. Talent acquisition director

Talent acquisition directors are responsible for monitoring the hiring procedures, right from identifying high-potential candidates, interviewing them, and finally hiring. Being a talent acquisition director, you will have to develop and implement effective talent acquisition plans. 


The average salary of a talent acquisition director in India is INR 35 LPA.


Skills necessary for HR professionals

To land a job in HR, you will need to have certain skills which set you apart from the crowd. Here are some of the top skills employers seek in HR professionals. 


  • Managerial skills: As an HR professional, you will take a lot of initiative. However, there is a high probability that you will also receive a variety of opinions from your stakeholders. Being able to navigate through these complexities and manage conflicting ideas can help you avoid project pitfalls and gain the support you need. 


  • Communication skills: Working in the HR department, your main job at the end of the day is to deal with people and people management. This is why having excellent communication skills can help you ace your job. Also, networking for HR opportunities will help you explore better job opportunities, allowing you to grow in your career. This is also where your communication skills will come in handy. 


  • Attention to detail: It is the responsibility of HR leaders to find and recruit qualified candidates who align with the organizational goals. This is why, working in the HR department, you must pay attention to detail, which will allow you to make the right judgment. 


Interview preparation for HR jobs will require you to not only brush up on your knowledge but also work on improving your skills. 

Final words 

HR professionals are required in every company to build, grow, and maintain the business. Pursuing an online BBA in Human Resource Management will allow you to explore a number of job roles and allow working for some of the leading companies in the world. 


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