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How to Choose Between an Online BBA Vs Online BCA?

February 1st, 2024: 8 mins

This Article Explores:

  • Introduction
  • Difference Between BBA and BCA at a Glance
  • What do you Learn in an Online BBA Course?
  • Specializations Offered in an Online BBA Course
  • Why Pursue an Online BCA Course?
  • Specializations You Can Opt for While Pursuing a BCA
  • Average Salaries Offered in Different Job Roles After BBA and BCA Courses


Are you a high school graduate at that crossroads in your education journey, trying to decide between an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or an online Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)? Or a professional looking to start things anew but confused between BBA or BCA?

Choosing between the two may be difficult for someone who doesn’t understand their differences. Fear not! This blog dissects both the BBA online and BCA online courses to help you navigate this educational fork.

Of all the online courses available, BBA and BCA remain among the top contenders besides MBA. A report published by The Indian Express in 2022 shows that 13,764 students enrolled for BBA courses and 5,166 students enrolled for BCA online

If you find yourself intrigued by the world of business, management, and entrepreneurship, then BBA is your calling. However, if your heart beats in sync with the digital realm, filled with coding, software, and all things tech, BCA is the right path for you.

Join us as we explore the features, future prospects, and salary expectations of both degrees in this blog curated just for you.

Difference Between BBA and BCA at a Glance 

Before you choose between the two, knowing the difference between BBA and BCA is important. 

BBA, an acronym for Bachelor’s in Business Administration, is a professional management course. It covers different subjects like HRM, Finance, Business communication, Marketing, and other topics that will equip you with the skills needed to deal with the administrative levels of a business. 

On the other hand, BCA, or Bachelor’s in Computer Applications, is an undergraduate course offering technical knowledge. Students are taught about hardware, software, programming, and computer languages. 

The table below throws light on the differences between BBA and BCA at a glance:





Management course 

Technical course 


10+2 with Commerce or Arts

10+2 with Mathematics and Science

Skilled Needed 

Management skills 

Programming abilities


3 years

3 years

Course Fees

Ranges between INR 90,800 INR - INR 1,56,000

Ranges between INR 1,14,000 - INR 1,36,500

Subjects Taught

Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Project Management Concepts and Practices, Managerial Economics, etc.

DBMS, data processing, software development, network security, cybersecurity, etc. 

Job Roles 

Project Manager, Digital Marketer, Sales Executive, Business Development Executive

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, IT Head, Cyber Security Expert, Product Manager

Higher Degree 




What Do You Learn in an Online BBA Course?

Do you have excellent convincing power, are knowledgeable about business tactics, and can articulate your thoughts in presentations well? An online BBA course might be a great option for you that will take your career in the right direction.  

An online BBA course spans three years and includes all the core subjects such as financial accounting, HRM, entrepreneurship, and many more, all of which ensure your holistic growth. 

The course will help you brush up your skills and prepare you for various industries such as financial institutions, corporations, banks, and many more. 

Although delivered online, most programs include case studies and practical assignments, ensuring you get the hands-on experience that will prepare you to face real-time problems with ease. 

Specializations Offered in an Online BBA Course 

Wondering how to stray into different streams, like tourism, marketing, finance, human resources, etc., after completing your BBA? This depends on the domain you specialize in. 

A BBA online degree has several specializations to offer, some of which are listed below: 

  • Business Administration: Do you wish to unleash your potential in management and administration? Then, this stream is an ideal choice for you.  

After completing this degree, you will be equipped to handle managerial tasks in a business. Not to mention, you will earn a decent salary too!

  • International Business: A BBA in International Business will teach you how to conduct business internationally by imparting knowledge on international trade, taxation, and accounting laws. This will open up a plethora of opportunities in top-tier MNCs. 
  • Entrepreneurship: This is a great choice for those who want to create a brand of their own. 
  • Finance: If you are good with numbers and have good reasoning abilities, you can opt for a BBA course in Finance. 
  • Human Resource: In every organization, HR bridges the gap between the management and the employees. This is one of the most commonly sought-after specializations. 

Alongside these, you can opt for specializations in hospitality, event management, retail, marketing, information systems, supply chain, and so on. A field of choice awaits you!

Why Pursue an Online BCA Course?

You can opt for a BCA course if you have a knack for technical sections like coding, programming, and algorithms and possess good reasoning and problem-solving abilities. 

The tenure of a BCA course is the same as that of a BBA course, that is, three years. 

The online BCA course teaches you programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc. This course will build your foundation and prepare you to opt for software engineering, accounting, management, computer programming, inventory management, etc. 

In a world driven by technology with the IT sector emerging as a mass recruiter, a BCA online degree is going to prove to be an extremely beneficial course that will open up a horde of new opportunities. 

Such online courses may also come with placement opportunities, making it easy for individuals to enter the employment market.

Specializations You Can Opt For While Pursuing a BCA 

Want to acquire a specialization? Here are a few options that you can choose from:

  • Computer Graphics: This is an interesting opportunity available under the BCA certification. You can learn topics like algorithms of computer graphics, study computer applications in detail, graphic functions,  and so on. 
  • Internet Technologies: A specialization in internet technologies teaches you how to acquire practical skills and address the problems that may arise from computer systems.
  • Database Management: Anyone with a flair for numbers can do well in this course. A BCA in database management teaches you to analyze organizational data and ways to store it. 
  • Word Processing: This course teaches you the art of processing words. 
  • Animation: If you have a creative flair and are passionate about digital arts, web designing, and animation, this specialization will help you pursue a career where you can use your creative skills to the fullest. You will be able to learn the principles of virtual reality and graphic design. 

Average Salaries Offered in Different Job Roles after BBA and BCA Courses

Take a look at the estimated salaries of the different job roles you may land if you pursue an online BBA or BCA.

For BBA Graduates:


Average Salary

Project Manager 

INR 10-25 LPA

Digital Marketer


Sales Executive


Business Development Executive



For BCA Graduates:


Average Salary

Data Scientist

INR 13.5 LPA 

Data Analyst 

INR 6.5 LPA 

Cyber Security Expert 


Product Manager 



The key to choosing between BBA or BCA lies in your passions, future vision, and practical circumstances. Both these courses have their own significance. Developing your skills in the right course will reap immense benefits and help you excel in the competitive field. 

To make the right choice, you must first analyze your strengths and interests and understand which course you are cut out for. Head straight to upGrad Disha for an enriching counseling session with expert guidance to help you navigate your career path today!