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Online Executive MBA in Marketing Management: An Ultimate Guide

February 19th, 2024: 7 mins

Are you a professional seeking opportunities to learn new skills and increase employability? An online executive MBA in marketing management can help you land that coveted marketing role you have been dreaming about. 


Marketing jobs are lucrative, and marketing professionals are always in demand. 80% of MBA graduates find employment within three months of their course completion. But what if you have already been in the field for a decade with no significant career growth? This is where an EMBA in marketing management can help you. Did you know that 19% of Indian working professionals choose an EMBA over other courses to advance their careers? 


You must now be wondering why to pursue the degree online. The advantage of pursuing an online degree over a distance MBA in marketing management is that you can learn the top marketing skills without quitting your job. Whereas, in distance learning, you will have to appear for the examinations in a centre suggested by your university. 


Many well-known personalities across the world have pursued online degrees due to the convenience that they offer. Have you heard about Hillary Duff? The American actress enrolled with Harvard University for attending their online classes. You, too, can unlock a world of opportunities with an online executive marketing management MBA degree.


Dive in for a detailed guide. 

What Is Executive MBA in Marketing Management?

Are you wondering what is MBA in marketing management? Also referred to as EMBA, it is a course specifically curated for working individuals and business professionals. This degree helps professionals to develop the needed marketing knowledge and skills. 


There are two primary marketing segments — business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). Both these segments of business employ an extensive amount of marketing tools for lead generation. Therefore, every company is looking for marketers with in-depth knowledge of market trends and the necessary technical skills. 


Accredited online EMBA marketing programmes teach you the technical marketing skills to qualify for any lucrative marketing job. 

Who Should Pursue This Course?

The online EMBA in marketing management programme has been designed for experienced working professionals who have been in the field for roughly 10-15 years. Pursuing an online EMBA in marketing management is the perfect way to gain business insights and improve your strategizing and decision-making abilities.


Online EMBA will teach you the core business concepts, such as operations, leadership, strategy and finance, along with specialised marketing subjects. This programme emphasises the practical application of marketing concepts in real-world business challenges, which is why this course demands prior work experience. 


Earning an EMBA in marketing management can help you gain advanced marketing skills, position you for marketing or general management leadership roles, and enhance your strategic thinking abilities. 


The 2022 EMBAC (Executive MBA Council) student exit survey showed that EMBA graduates got a 17.7% increase in their salary on completing the programme. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To get admission to online EMBA marketing courses, candidates must fulfil the following criteria:


  • Candidates must have scored an aggregate of at least 40% or above in their 10+2 level. 
  • Candidates must have scored an aggregate of at least 55% marks in the bachelor's degree. 
  • Candidates must have at least three years of working experience. (this can vary depending on the institution.)

Course Curriculum

If you are pursuing an EMBA, the course will cover several subjects. Some of these topics are:


  • Managerial economics 
  • Macroeconomics 
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Integrated marketing communication 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Salesforce channel management 
  • International marketing 
  • Product management 
  • Operation management

Jobs After MBA in Marketing Management

Earning an executive MBA in marketing management online can open up a plethora of job opportunities for you. The MBA in marketing management scope that you can explore after completing the course and their salaries have been listed below: 


Job role 

Average Salary 

Product Manager 

INR 20,20,000

Marketing Director 

INR 33,70,000

Brand Manager 

INR 19,00,000

Market Research Analyst 

INR 4,00,000

Digital Marketing Manager 

INR 11,70,000

Difference Between an Executive MBA and an MBA in Marketing Management 

Even though both EMBA and MBA are postgraduate degrees, they are different business administration levels. Some of the differences between the two courses have been listed below: 



Online EMBA in marketing management

Online MBA in marketing management

Designed for

Working professionals with work experience. 

Graduates with no prior experience.

Focus area

  • Industry trends 
  • Customer preferences 
  • Global markets for established industries, etc. 
  • Marketing trends 
  • Generalised marketing and consumer behaviour, etc. 


1 year

2 years


55% in graduation, along with work experience 

50% in graduation 

Areas of employment 

  • Market management 
  • Market research 
  • Brand management, etc.
  • Corporate sales
  • Media planning 
  • Asset management, etc.


Final Words 

By pursuing an online executive MBA in marketing management, you can hone the marketing and business skills that you already have. Earning this credential can help secure advanced opportunities and increased salary in your field. 


The most significant advantage of this course is that it allows you to continue your education from the comfort of your home without quitting your full-time job. 

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