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5 Online Finance Degree Programmes for Number Wizards

February 19th, 2024: 8 mins

Are crunching numbers, making savvy investment decisions, and mastering the art of managing money your dream? This blog is for you if you are looking forward to pursuing online finance degree courses!


Online degrees offer unparalleled flexibility and accessibility to learners in this digital age. You no longer need to choose between pursuing higher education and managing work, family, or other obligations. You’ll be surprised to know that there has been an 11% average increase in enrollment in online universities. All thanks to the online revolution brought in by the pandemic! Even with things returning to normal, the trend of online learning seems here to stay. 


But wait, with so many online finance degree programmes out there, how do you know which one is the perfect fit for you? Don't worry, we've got your back! This blog discusses top online finance degrees catering to number wizards like you who wish to learn financial concepts and skills from their favourite nooks. 

5 Online Finance Degree Programmes

Here are some finance degree courses online that you can pursue if you love numbers:

Online MBA in Finance Management

An MBA in Finance helps students dive deep into the art of understanding company reports, predicting economic trends, and making moves to boost stock value. They become experts at hand-picking investment portfolios while keeping a keen eye on the delicate balance between risk and profitability. 


Here are some of the skills you will learn during your MBA Finance degree online course:

  • Accounting 
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial modelling
  • Business intelligence 
  • Cash flow management
  • Data management 


After completing this degree you may step into the shoes of an Investment Banker, a Tax Consultant, or a Hedge Fund Manager. You can also venture into international finance, asset finance, and insurance management. 

B.Com in Finance

A Bachelor of Commerce in Finance takes about 3 years to complete. It is a perfect blend of the essential knowledge you'd get from a traditional B.Com programme with specialised subjects focused on finance, banking, and investments.


You will learn the following skills during your B.com in Finance:


  • Financial accounting
  • Customer relations
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Financial analysis
  • Team management 


This degree opens doors to various positions such as Financial Analyst, Accountant, and Business Development Executive among others. 

M.Com in Finance

M.Com in Finance is a two-year postgraduate degree where you dive deep into the world of numbers. You'll be developing various skills such as:


  • Economic analysis and decision-making
  • Financial accounting
  • Risk and insurance management
  • Business operations
  • Investment analysis
  • Equity research 


This degree gives you the opportunity to pursue lucrative career paths such as Financial Consultant, Auditor, Investment Banker, Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, and Financial Controllers among others. 

BBA in Finance

A Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance is a 3 year-long undergraduate programme. This degree is apt for students who want to become adept finance professionals. With a BBA in Finance, students learn skills such as:


  • Financial statement analysis
  • Financial market analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Equity trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Financial risk modelling 


The programme will help you kickstart your career as Financial Analyst, Investment Manager, Budget Analyst, and Management Consultant among others.  No wonder it’s gaining popularity among students aspiring to pursue a career in finance!

B.A. in Economics

A B.A. in Economics is a three-year programme. This programme is suitable for you if you enjoy working with numbers and want to understand how economies function. After obtaining this degree, you'll have numerous career options. Here are some skills that you will learn while pursuing this degree:

  • Financial marketing
  • Financial risk management
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Equity research 
  • Monetary policy making


You can enter fields such as production, banking, or finance. Additionally, you can excel in various important job roles such as Investment Analyst, Financial Planner, Financial Risk Analyst, and Equity Market Analyst among others. 

Wrapping Up

If you are considering the top online finance degrees, know that they are often more cost-effective than traditional on-campus alternatives since they eliminate the need for commuting or relocation expenses. Considering the growing demand for remote work and digital skills, pursuing an online degree will equip you with the knowledge and adaptability essential for success in today's ever-evolving job market.

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