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Online MBA with Specialisation in International Business - The Prospects and Potential

January 31st, 2024: 10 mins

Are you at a point in your career where you are looking for courses which will help you expand your potential and increase your employability? Opting for the right course can be a make-or-break deal in this situation!


If you are looking for programmes that allow you to pursue a full-time MBA degree without quitting your job, an online MBA is just the course for you. Adding to its charm, do you want a specialisation that will let you fly to new countries and set up a base there? Pursuing an MBA in International Business Management online is an even better option, opening up a plethora of global job prospects to help you navigate the intricacies of the global business realm. 


Let us dive into the various aspects of an online MBA in International Business to learn what exciting future prospects it holds for you. 

What is an Online MBA in International Business?

Development in the international market and its consequent impact on the domestic market of India requires a professional approach and sensitivity in international business environments.


Online MBA in International Business in India helps develop a cadre of competent business executives to meet the country’s needs for professionals in the field. This degree enables you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to work for global organisations. 


It has been designed to equip candidates with the tools to succeed internationally. It teaches you about foreign markets, challenges faced by companies, cross-border relationships and global economics, further enabling you to acquire skills like leadership and communication for an all-rounder approach. 


Who should pursue an MBA with specialisation in International Business?

Let’s break it down for you in simple terms: if you're someone who dreams big, thinks globally, and wants to be at the forefront of the ever-expanding international marketplace, this is definitely your cup of tea.


Imagine being the go-to person in your company when it comes to navigating the complexities of international trade, global marketing, and cross-cultural negotiations. Imagine jet-setting to exotic destinations for business meetings and working with diverse teams from around the world. Sounds thrilling, right?


But here's the kicker: you don't have to be a seasoned globetrotter or a business magnate to start this journey. Whether fresh from undergrad and hungry for knowledge or a mid-career professional looking to level up, an MBA in International Business can cater to your needs.


The course will hone your leadership, negotiation and problem-solving skills on a global scale. Plus, the networking opportunities are endless – you'll connect with classmates from around the world, creating a global support system that can last a lifetime.


Syllabus for MBA in International Business 

MBA in International Business syllabus includes subjects such as accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, etc. These subjects are taught during the different semesters in this two-year programme. 


There are also some specific courses which are concentrated on international business principles. The modules can include:


  • Foreign exchange management 
  • International Logistics 
  • Import and export management 
  • International Finance 
  • International marketing 
  • Foreign market entry and growth 


You will learn about the structures and rules governing international exchange. This includes tariff customs, trade negotiations and shipping regulations. 


Semester-wise complete syllabus of online MBA in International Business in India are:


Semester 1

Semester 2

Management Process and Organisational Behaviour

International Human Resource Management 

Accounting for Managers

International Marketing

Quantitative Techniques 

International Economics 

Managerial Economics 

Foreign Trade Management 

Marketing Management 

Research Methodology for International Business 

Business Communication

IT Tools and Techniques for Global Managers


During the second year, you will be allowed to an elective subject of your choice. 


Semester 3

Semester 4

International Strategic Management 

Global Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 

Global Finance Management 

Foreign Trade Policy and Management 

Enterprise Risk Management 

Export Import Procedures 

International Business Laws and Arbitration 

Export Import Finance

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management 





MBA in International Business Scope

With several national and international companies looking for such graduates, rest assured you will always be in demand. There are a number of career prospects that you can explore. Some of the domains that you can explore are as follows:


  • Manufacturing 
  • Export-import management 
  • Opportunity mapping 
  • International business development 
  • International marketing 


  • IT, Bank and Consulting 
  • Risk and compliance management 
  • Finance management 
  • Research and advisory services
  • International business law management 


  • Export houses and airline 
  • Business Developer 
  • Key account management 
  • Logistics management 
  • Project and documentation management 


Some of the top recruiters of IB graduates are:


  • ITC
  • Deloitte 
  • KPMG
  • LG
  • Flipkart 
  • Cognizant 
  • Amazon 
  • Samsung 
  • Asian paints 

MBA in International Business Colleges in India

If you want to pursue an MBA in International Business, there are a number of institutions offering both online and offline courses. Some of the top colleges in India that offer MBA in International Business are as follows: 


  • IMUC Chennai
  • IIM Calcutta
  • Punjab University, Patiala
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  • University Business School, Chandigarh
  • DAVV, Indore
  • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon 


Institutions offering online MBA in International Business 


There are a number of prestigious institutions offering online MBA with specialisation in International Business. They are:


  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
  • Vivekananda Global University
  • UPES, Dehradun
  • DY Patil University
  • Manipal University, Jaipur
  • Parul University Online, Vadodara

Final thoughts

An online MBA in International Business offers a number of career opportunities that you can easily claim with a competent skillset strengthened by the right online degree. Multiple national and international organisations seek to broaden their business in the international market and create a worldwide audience. International Business MBA graduates can help make this dream come true, enabling companies to manage their business in the international market. All you need is the right guidance and counselling to navigate this complex path.

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