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7 Sureshot Ways to Restart Your Career Through Online Courses

January 31st, 2024: 10 mins

Life can often take you down unexpected roads. Taking a career break for either your stress management or for identifying new job prospects is a difficult decision. However, restarting career after a break can be more difficult, where online courses can help you out.


According to a study by Statista in 2023, the number of users in online learning platforms is expected to rise to 244 million by 2027. Did you know that between 2021 and 2022, the total online education enrolment has shot up by 170%


Let us inspire you with the real-life story of Harry Potter-famed Emma Watson. Did you know she took online courses so that she did not go through a career break or sacrifice her education? Arianna Huffington also has a similar story, she took several online courses to focus on her personal growth. This author has opted for multiple courses to help her gain soft skills like mindfulness, leadership, etc.


Now, if you are planning to restart your career, these stories can be your inspiration. Here’s a guide on how you can jump back to your work after taking a career break.

  • Pinpoint Your Career Goals

Before choosing any online course, you need to understand your career goals. Ask yourself, "What is my aim?" "Why did I leave my previous job?" "Which career options can I consider now?" If you are unable to find these answers on your own, don't hesitate to seek some advice from experts. Their valuable input can help you define your career. After you have summed up your career goals, note down the steps required to achieve them. 

  • Assess Your Current Skills

Enlist your existing skills and knowledge to identify areas of improvement. Changing industry trends can often lead to career gaps, so it's essential to identify and address them through online degree courses. Opt for some online skills assessments and self-evaluations. You can do some self-assessments or ask for feedback from your peers and friends. After identifying the gaps, prioritise fixing those vital for restarting a career after a break.

  • Design a Learning Schedule

Women returning to work after a career break can be especially difficult, wherein they have to juggle home and work. Here, consistency is your key. Curate a realistic learning schedule that fits your daily routine. Allocate specific time slots for studying, completing your assignments and tasks, and sticking to your study plan as closely as possible. Such disciplined approaches help to stay on track and complete tasks successfully.

  • Look for Reputable Learning Platforms

With the soaring popularity of online learning platforms, getting over your career break is easy. However, choosing your ideal learning platform from an ocean of choices can be troublesome. While looking for learning options, search for accredited institutions that ensure that the courses will be tailored to meet educational standards. Also, check out the reviews and testimonials of previous learners and explore what the course offers. 

  • Start Network Building

When restarting a career after a break, efficient networking helps. Look for online discussion groups and forums, and get in touch with your instructors or fellow learners with shared interests. You can even leverage social media, where platforms like LinkedIn or Naukri can be your aids. Furthermore, multiple online educational platforms host webinars, virtual events, and conferences. 


What’s more? You will get a chance to connect with industry professionals! You can also expand your networks by reaching out to university alumni, who can guide you on exclusive job openings, mentorship scopes, etc.

  • Choose Relevant Degree Courses

By now, you must have sorted out your career aims, skill sets, and other relevant factors. So now you need to identify the most demanded degree courses. Research job descriptions and industries to find the requisitions, then opt for courses that align with your career goals. You can also join study groups because why embark on a solitary learning journey? Collaborate with others to keep yourself motivated and receive valuable feedback.

  • Update Your CV

The final way to ace your career restart will be to build a stronger resume and increase your online footprint. A resume is the first impression that you will leave on your potential employer. Thus, redesign your resume by highlighting your online degree courses and pinpointing your achievements. You must also increase your online presence by updating your LinkedIn profile and increasing your network engagement and online interactions. 

Summing Up

Restarting career after a break isn't easy, so kudos to you! In this blog, we have provided you with the required road map to embark on this journey, where you can learn with flexibility. Opting for online degree courses will help you update your skills and get yourself back into the job market. These courses help you adapt to the job market's ups and downs and adjust to the industry's demands. 

In case you’re seeking expert guidance and personal consultations from industry experts, reach out to upGrad Disha and get ready to pave a successful career for yourself!