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7 Definitive Approaches to Restart Your Career Flawlessly

February 1st, 2024: 5 mins

This Article Explores:


  • Introduction
  • Career Revival: Empowering 2nd Career Restart for Women
  • 7 Definitive Approaches to Restart Career after Break Successfully



When Fiona went on maternity leave, she was unsure if she could rejoin work. She knew that with her baby, there would be many more responsibilities that she would need to handle. 


Brad’s passion for traveling took him to many places in the world. For that, he did not think twice and left his lucrative job. 


Lisa had to quit her job to care for her ailing parents, who needed her the most at that time. Now 40, she is wondering “how to restart your career at 40”. 


There are a hundred other instances where people had to take a break from their work and career to attend to other priorities in life. But does that mean it is an end to their career? No. You can restart your career at any point in time. 


In this blog, we will cover seven definitive approaches for restarting career after break


Career Revival – Empowering 2nd Career Restart for Women

Interestingly, there has been a surge in job opportunities for women, by 18%, who are rejoining the workforce after taking a break. Giving men their due respect, there is no denying that a woman might need to take many breaks from her career at different times to cater to various priorities. 


Post-wedding, she might decide to become a housewife for a while and return to the job arena after a few years. If you are one of them and thinking about how to start a career after taking break as housewife, you have landed at the perfect place; we will guide you on that. 


Another time that a woman generally takes a break from her career is during motherhood. While some women rejoin work after six months, others might take longer. Many women have shown the courage to restart career after a baby and have successfully handled both roles— that of a mother and an employee simultaneously. 


Here are some definitive approaches you can follow if you are targeting a career start for housewife or after taking a maternity break. 

7 Definitive Approaches To Restart Career After Break Successfully

Decided on restarting career after break? Take a deep breath, tighten your seatbelt, and brace yourself to face some challenges as you re-enter the workplace. Proper approaches and strategies will help you navigate through the challenges successfully. 


Let us look at some definitive approaches that can give you the kickstart you need post-break:

  • Update and refresh your resume

This is the first thing you need to do when planning to re-enter the job arena after a break. You might have honed some special and additional skills during your absence; include them in the resume. 


Instead of masking your absence, address your absence and cite the reason for the gap/break in your career. This point is best mentioned in the cover letter, where you can confidently apply for a position where you are a viable candidate. 

  • Planning and research should be the top priority

You simply cannot jump back into the job market after a break, which might negatively impact your career. Instead, you should take steady steps, make a proper plan, and do thorough research before you make a comeback. 


Conduct thorough research on the current market trends and how they have changed over the years. Find the latest technologies and the in-demand skills in your industry or the field you work in, which have evolved in the last few years. This will boost your credibility as a job seeker manifold times. 


You can also enroll in various career restart programs, earn certification from online courses, and learn new software and tools to sharpen your skills and bridge the employment gap. 

  • Develop and get into the right mindset

The moment you decide to restart your career, you have to get into the right mindset. Imagine that you are back in the workforce already and act accordingly. Mental preparedness and readiness are the most important things when it comes to 2nd career restart for women and men alike. 


The best courses to restart career focus on various strategies that will help you get into the right mindset so that you can sync in quicker in the new job role and office ambiance. 

  • Begin your job searching process with a focus

This is a crucial step when returning to work after a break. Focus on your needs and assess your current situation. Your experience and education are fine, but you also need to assess your interests, skills, and strengths for the new job position you seek. 


Think and understand if your interests and skills have changed since your last job (quite some time ago). If yes, it is time to evaluate which position will be most suitable for you in the current scenario. Question yourself on the activities you enjoy most. Apply for job roles where there will be support for such activities and a comfortable work ambiance at the same time. 

  • Think about contractual or part-time work

The transition from not being in a scheduled job for some time to a full-time job might become strenuous physically and mentally for many. Though you are desperately looking to restart your career, think about how this will impact your routine and if you will be able to manage work as proficiently as before. 


For instance, if you are a new mother looking to restart your career, you might find a lot of things on your plate to handle, which might be difficult to process initially. Consider contractual or part-time jobs instead of rushing into a full-time job along with your new duties, priorities, and responsibilities. This will help you ease into the full-time work schedule. 

  • Prepare well for your interview

The mere mention of an interview makes us nervous. The nervousness is greater when you are going for your return-to-job interview. You will have questions regarding the career gap in your interview. Some common questions you could be asked include:


  • What is the reason for taking the break?
  • Did you learn anything new during the break? Have you acquired any new skills?
  • Why do you want to restart your career now?  Is this the right time? 
  • Why do you think you are a suitable choice for this job role? etc. 


Brace yourself to answer these questions. Be transparent about your career gap, and don't over-justify it. Technical recruiters recommend taking mock interviews as they are great for preparing you for the interview. 

  • Network on various platforms

Networking on various platforms, including social media, is a great tool for restarting your career. Join networking events, professional associations, and industry-specific conferences for network expansion and opportunity identification. These are places where you will meet new people from your industry. 


Leverage benefits from various social media platforms and reach out to clients, old colleagues, and HR managers. You can also contact recruiters directly and check if they need people with your profile. 

Summing It Up

Restarting your career after taking a break might not be a cakewalk, specially women career restarts. But this is no reason to give up on your career goals and ambitions. You will need some time and effort to gear yourself up and jump into the workforce bandwagon again. If full-time jobs don’t seem your cup of tea at the moment, seek contractual or part-time jobs and gradually pave your way into a traditional job schedule.