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Should Medical Professionals Pursue MBA?

February 1st, 2024: 8 mins

This Article Explores:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Significance of an MBA After MBBS
  • Motivations for Healthcare Professionals Pursuing MBA
  • MBA in Healthcare Management: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Benefits of Pursuing an MBA After MBBS
  • Scope of MBA After MBBS
  • Specialized Areas for Pursuing an MBA After Completing MBBS


In a period characterized by fast healthcare transformation, the job of healthcare providers extends far more than clinical knowledge. Whether medical practitioners should seek an MBA after medicine is more than simply a question; it is an aspect of keeping up with the revolutionizing healthcare sector, which demands a matching pace with constant industry innovations. 


According to a Babson Survey Research Group document, the total number of students registered in a minimum of one online course in the United States increased to 6.6 million.  This underscores the growing acceptance and adoption of online education, presenting a beneficial avenue for healthcare providers seeking to pursue an MBA online while continuing their clinical practice.


The rising trend of medical professionals pursuing an MBA after MBBS, exemplified by individuals like Dr. Tim Peachey from Warwick Business School, Dr. Jason Koh from Kellogg School of Management, and Syed Jafri from Imperial College, underscores an increasing desire to integrate medical expertise with managerial acumen. This inclination emphasizes the significance for healthcare professionals to obtain an MBA, reflecting a growing interest in blending medical proficiency with progressive business innovation.

Understanding the Significance of an MBA After MBBS

Medical workers who primarily concentrate on patient care may be unaware of the commercial side of the industry. However, the commercial aspect of hospitals and other medical facilities and organizations is essential. Ensuring these facilities and organizations' day-to-day operations work efficiently will help guarantee patients are able to gain access to and get quality healthcare services. Healthcare management is also vital in keeping facilities and organizations in good shape so that they can continue to operate with maximum efficiency.

Motivations for Healthcare Professionals Pursuing MBAs

According to Children's Hospital and Medical Centre in Omaha, NE, every doctor, specifically those who want to start a private practice, might gain value from obtaining an MBA online. Let us explore some of the factors that usually encourage medical professionals to walk the path of pursuing an MBA online:


Establishing or Developing a Practise

Operating a medical practice without formal business knowledge may result in challenges with financial management, regulation, and accountability. When a single location expands to two or more, commercial considerations might multiply. A proper graduate degree in business is essential for success.


Participating in Healthcare Policy and Management Choices

The changing political and healthcare landscapes make proficient business physicians increasingly in demand. MBA graduates know about all aspects of business, not just medical care, equipping them to be successful entrepreneurs and business influencers.


A physician manager has immediate authority over both patients and executives, making it simpler to overcome that gap. Managers are more inclined to believe somebody with business knowledge, while physicians are more inclined to believe an individual who knows the clinical challenges they deal with every day.

MBA in Healthcare Management: Roles and Responsibilities

Professionals with MBA specializations in Healthcare Management have the skills to take on a variety of responsibilities in the medical sector, including-


Administrative Leadership: They frequently take on administrative jobs in medical facilities or healthcare organizations, where they control day-to-day operations, manage staff, and ensure the effective delivery of care.


Healthcare Consulting: Several professionals work as consultants, advising healthcare organizations on planning for growth, process optimization, and compliance with regulations.


Healthcare Policy Development: Accomplished professionals may assist in the development of medical policies by working in government departments and non-governmental organizations, impacting decisions that affect the supply of healthcare services.


Financial Management: Individuals with experience in management frequently handle financial issues inside healthcare organizations, such as budget control, revenue cycle optimization, and cost-effectiveness analysis.


Business Development: A few concentrate on growing medical facilities, implementing new programs, or forming partnerships to improve healthcare organizations' reach and influence.

Benefits of Pursuing an MBA After MBBS


There are various benefits of online MBA after finishing an MBBS degree, some of which are listed below:


  • The rising number of healthcare centers and organizations has improved work opportunities in hospital administration and management. As a result, MBA skills would assist applicants in exploring prospects in Healthcare Administration.


  • It also permits candidates to skip over competition for PG programs in medicine and pursue a comparable specialized career opportunity with a comparable compensation package.


  • Opting for an MBA after MBBS enables individuals not just to work within a specific hospital but to assume leadership roles. This choice affords the opportunity to become a hospital leader, delivering exceptional patient services while overseeing the overall management and operations of the healthcare facility.


  • It permits the candidate to make themselves stand out from the crowd of MBBS graduates and gives the learner a greater influence in the Healthcare business.

Scope of MBA after MBBS 

Although there are numerous benefits to pursuing an online MBA after completing MBBS, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate the potential of this program combination in order to chart your own unique path.


In order to explore the scope of MBA after MBBS, let us take a look at some common career titles linked with online MBA courses in India and their estimated income ranges.


Job Roles

Avg. Salary

Healthcare Finance Manager

INR 20.3 LPA

Medical and Health Service Management


Hospital Administrator


Medical Director

INR 32.0 LPA

Blood Bank Manager




Specialized Areas for Pursuing an MBA After Completing MBBS

The following are the MBA specializations offered for online MBA after completing MBBS:

Specialization Course Name

Specialization Course Description

MBA Healthcare Management

Candidates who complete the MBA Healthcare managerial program are prepared to take on a variety of leadership, managerial, and administrative responsibilities in the healthcare industry.

MBA Hospital Administration

MBA Hospital Administration is aimed to provide learners with a solid foundation in managerial skills as well as healthcare management.

MBA Hospital Management

The MBA Hospital Management program has been created to provide candidates with the advanced managerial abilities needed to organize and manage complicated medical care delivery systems.

MBA Healthcare Administration

The MBA Healthcare Administration program will provide you with a deeper understanding of the healthcare business as well as managerial abilities. 

MBA Healthcare and Hospital Management

MBA Healthcare and Hospital Management programs concentrate on the leadership of healthcare and hospital enterprises, with coursework created with the constantly developing medical industry in mind.

PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

The PGD in Hospital and Health Management programme is designed to prepare applicants to acquire academic knowledge and build practical abilities in order to use a scientific approach.


upGrad Disha provides valuable insights into some of the most esteemed universities offering MBAs in Hospital and Healthcare management. 

Summing Up

In a field where a dynamic skill set is the only constant, acquiring MBA skills serves as a future-proof investment in your professional career. The combination of medical knowledge with expertise in finance is no longer an option, but a requirement to stay ahead of the curve and bag lucrative opportunities. 

The importance of an online MBA after MBBS becomes clear as healthcare demands varied talents beyond clinical expertise. So, hurry up and seize the opportunity to become your best version!