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Effective Time Management Strategies for Online Learning Success

February 1st, 2024: 5 mins

Arvind was efficiently managing time before he decided to pursue an online course to boost his career prospects. Once he enrolled for the online MBA course with a reputed university, he struggled to manage time for the course while continuing his current job. 


Arvind is not the only one struggling with such a problem. Understanding and implementing time management strategies is a must for online students. Effective time management for online students not only helps in completing the course on time but contributes to the overall success of the online learning process. 


With the availability of diverse online organisation tools for students, you can sharpen your online study skills and managing time skills at the same time. You can also download an online to do list for students for effective time management. 

Tips on Managing Time Effectively for Online Learning Success

If you want to make your online learning programme successful, you can follow the time management strategies below. Trust me, these work well!

  • Make a list

Use a pen and paper, note it down on your smartphone or use an app to create a to-do list for the day. You will also find an online to do list for students. Note down everything you need to do during the day, including your online study schedule. Once you complete a task on the list, mark it ‘done’. 


This is just what Marcus Lemonis, star of “The Profit” on CNBC and a leading entrepreneur, does. He says, “I get up in the morning, and I’ll make a list of the five things I want to get done that day - and without exception, I have to get those five things done….I just physically write it down”. A to do list serves as a physical reminder motivating you to complete each task on your schedule.

  • Be realistic 

Did you think that your online course would be a cakewalk? Well, it is time that you face the hard reality. Achieving an online degree is a challenge in itself, and you have to work hard for it while simultaneously handling all the other priorities of your life. 


Set realistic goals so that you can achieve them. Once you gain confidence, you can extend your goals further. Know how much is possible and set the goals accordingly. 

  • Prioritise the academic tasks

Whether you use an online to do list for students or other online organisation tools for students available, make sure that you prioritise the academic tasks. With this, you can sort which things you must start immediately and which tasks you can do later. 


In online learning, you will have a clear planning of your assignments, responsibilities and examinations. Review the plan well, understand the priority of the tasks and the time it will take to complete and prioritise accordingly. 

  • Develop a routine

Did you think that only children follow a routine? Well, aren’t we all bound in a routine, where we do our daily work one followed by the other? If you have a job, a family to handle and innumerable other commitments and still have the urge and the energy to pursue an online course, you are no less than a super-person.


To make your life a little easier, develop a routine for your online study. Keep a set time every day solely for your study. Block off everything at that time and just concentrate on your study. 

  • Avoid distractions

When you sit with your online learning programme, think you live in an era of no smartphones, no social media, no texting and no video streaming. Keep your smartphone away so that even the faintest ‘beep’, the ‘clink’ or any ‘message tone’ can’t distract you. 


As Koel Thomae, the co-founder of Noosa Yogurt, says, “It’s very easy to get distracted by your inbox or phone. When I have a big project or I need to get something done - and done well - I shut down my email, I turn off my phone, and I put on some of my favourite music. I just dig in and get it done”. 

  • Take a break when needed

Ariana Huffington, the renowned author and entrepreneur, explains the importance of taking ‘pauses’. According to her, enjoying lunch with a friend/colleague is more refreshing and recharging than eating lunch while studying. 


Taking short breaks does not hamper your study programme. Rather it boosts your productivity and performance. This is one of the most effective skills of time management for online students

Summing It Up

With the above-mentioned highly effective time management strategies, you can take absolute charge of your online learning. Along with furthering your education and advancing your career, you develop skills of handling the other aspects, commitments and priorities of your life. 


Implement the skills and strategies of time management and get your online degree for an enhanced and fulfilling career. Remember, determination is the key to success.